H arley and Ping began baking pretzels as a way to nourish a picky child, who devoured all the pretzels they would make in their down time. As time went on, Pretzels became the snack of choice among kids and friends. They couldn’t twist the dough fast enough to get it in the oven before little fingers started sneaking in.

            When the opportunity arose to take over and purchase the Donut business at Crossroads market, knowing this was something that needed to be incorporated into the business. Slowly with a small selection of flavours, they began to sell the Pretzels at Crossroads Market, where they drastically underestimated the power of salty twisted dough.

          People loved the hot Pretzels coming out of the oven. Brushed in butter, it was the perfect treat for anyone looking for a quick snack.

Fantasy donuts and pretzels

Snow ❄️or Shine 🌤, The home of pretzels and Donuts will always be ready to serve and brighten up your day with our delightful products that you will surely love and enjoy!💞



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